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Enero en Vitoria - Gasteiz

Feliz año a todos, el primero post del año 2016 es un poco diferente, escrito in dos idiomas, español y inglés.

Como sabréis ya se han publicado el listado de las sesiones presentadas al 22nd  Annual Meeting of the EAA (31st August-4th September 2016 Vilnius) y me gustaria informaros de una sesión coordinada por mí y un compañero que esta haciendo una investigación en Mónaco (Enrico Cirelli, Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow, LMU, Munich, Germany).

Nuestra sesión es:

TH6-09: Social and gender complexity through the archaeological remains in home housing

Author - Grassi, Francesca, University of the Basque Country, Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain (Presenting author)

Co-author(s) - Cirelli, Enrico, Ludwig Maximilian Universitat, Munchen, Germany
Topic - 

Keywords: artifacts and community, domestic contexts, social complexity

The main objective of this session is the study of Social and gender complexity through the archaeological remains in home housing, using a comparative approach on the basis of archaeological data.
The main focus will be on: household artifacts in domestic context (presented in categories of pottery, glass, metal, wood). We can assume that the typology of household artifact had a direct relationship with social framework of communities and with the formation and the existence of local powers. The archaeological research on ancient communities have recently increased in Europe in terms of quantity and quality, and some studies have attempted to connect all these types of artefacts founded into domestic context, producing some excellent summarising results for individual sites or local territorial contexts.
Particularly we would compare how the relations between domestic artifact had been interpreted in the key of reconstruct the complexity of ancients societies, the formation of elites and their recognisability, in terms of a broad range of chronology and geography too.
The session will explore the potentiality and the limits of our records and our approaches to face social and gender inequality in ancients communities, trying to suggest general considerations that can be useful for the study of many spaces and chronologies.

Esta temática entronca directamente con el proyecto EARMEDCASTILE, en el marco del cual se pretende estudiar la complejidad social y política de las sociedades altomedievales de Castilla a la luz del consumo cerámico (

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